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Staff Favorites - Rachel Vogel

Rachel Vogel


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2014 Amici Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Review Date: 11-14-2017
A consistently outstanding, well scored Cabernet from Napa Valley that is a staff and customer favorite vintage to vintage. 2014 is the third of a trio of killer vintages from the Valley that brings quality, consistency, and early harvest for acidity and structure. You will see all three in the new vintage of Amici alongside it's sense of black berry, currents and sweet baking spices. Purity and finesse from start to finish.
Price: $43.99 Add To Cart

2014 Antinori "Tignanello" Toscana
Review Date: 10-25-2017
The tough, rainy vintage of 2014 kept vineyard caretakers busy and all their hard work paid off with this aromatic Super Tuscan. The nose lifts with fresh red fruit and wild flowers. While I can't compare to previous vintages, the 2014 is full bodied with amiable tannin structure and a bold finish. The mouthwatering acidity wasn't washed away by the rain and keeps the wine fresh on the palate. I could definitely see putting this wine down for a few years or enjoying it tonight with a flavorful dinner!

2014 La Massa "La Massa" Toscana
Review Date: 10-25-2017
Another fireball vintage from La Massa, while the 2013 was deeper and more lush, the 2014 is full bodied with bold acidity rivaling the bold wood structure from time in new french oak. Notes of fresh raspberries and cherry skins are chased by freshly grated baking spice and purple flowers. A great Toscana to try if you love those bold California cabs!
Price: $14.99 Add To Cart
JS 91 WS 90

2010 Louise Brison Brut Champagne
Review Date: 10-25-2017
Year to year the Louise Brison vintage Brut is one of the best deals in the store! The family takes no short cuts in production- all estate grapes, barrel fermented and aged, and giving the wine a few months to rest after disgorgement. It is the perfect recipe for a textured, complex champagne filled to the brim with notes of ripe apples, gentle spice and fresh acidity that keeps it long on the finish.
Price: $29.99 Add To Cart

2015 Cottanera "Barbazzale" Etna Rosso
Review Date: 10-09-2017
One of my favorite things about Etna Rossos are their savory, dried herb character. The Conttanera is filled with aromatics and flavors of dried thyme, sage, and eucalyptus encompassed in a full bodied, high acid wine. The stony structure sings praises to the vines volcanic soils while ripe fruit from the warm climate gives the wine a silky texture. Holiday parties filled with herb & cheese crostini would be a magical pairing!
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JS 93

Canard-Duchêne "Authentic" Brut Rosé Champagne
Review Date: 10-06-2017
One of my favorite characteristics of great rosé Champagne is the complementing flavors of sweet red berries and minerality. The Canard-Duchene Rosé beautifully encompasses those classic qualities with a mixture of fresh strawberries and raspberries intertwined with limestone structure while keeping its personality with texture and floral character. Absolutely delicious.
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Canard-Duchêne "Authentic" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 10-06-2017
One of my favorite things about working at K&L is hanging out after close and drinking great champagne. The other night I had the pleasure of sharing a bottle of the Authentic Brut with my coworkers. It is fresh and textured with flavors of sweet meyer lemon and brioche. An undertone of dry stone and earth makes this a great (stinky) cheese or mushroom dish pairing (in my world, the stinkier the cheese the better!); and a long, refreshing finish keeps you going back for more!
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2014 Shafer Napa Valley Merlot
Review Date: 08-22-2017
After tasting a line up of Merlot dominant Bordeaux wines, I tasted the Shafer Napa Merlot. While both are merited in their own right, they are both extremely unique.. The Shafer Merlot was bold with ripe plums and fresh purple flowers. The palate is concentrated and deep with black berry and baking spice. A hint of soft tannin structure keep the wine focused and complex. It is not a wine to be trifle with, but a wine demanding respect and your full attention.

Trudon "Rosephile" Brut Rosé Champagne
Review Date: 08-14-2017
If you've read some of my other reviews, you may have noticed my slight obsession with Meunier dominant champagne. I think the grape adds a little depth and suppleness to such high acid wines, but by no means has the driven, mouthwatering acidity been lost in the fineness of the Rosephile. More than half of the wine is from the tough, yet highly valued 2012 vintage mixed with reserve wine. It is concentrated and complex with an undertone of floral elements that interact ceremoniously with a chalky minerality that sticks to the back palate.
Price: $34.99 Add To Cart

Krug "Grande Cuvée" 163 Ème Édition Brut Champagne
Review Date: 08-14-2017
Based on 2007 and blended with 12 vintages, oldest being 1990 (my birth year and favorite of them all!) is very much a classic Krug Grand Cuvee. Sweeter citrus and a broader palate, the wine is almost evenly 30% each Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Meunier. It is refined, balanced, and checks all the boxes of those classic Krug flavors we know and love.
Price: $149.99 Add To Cart
VN 95 WS 95

Krug "Grande Cuvée" 164 Ème Édition Brut Champagne
Review Date: 08-14-2017
While this wine is based on 2008, the oldest of the 11 vintage blend is 1990- my birth year, so I find this wine lucky from the start! 8+ years on the lees and almost half Pinot Noir, the Grand Cuvee 164 has undeniable earth undertones intermingling with a mix of tart lemon zest and sweet meyer lemon.Angular but complex, allowing this wine come into its own will be rewarding for all.
Price: $159.99 Add To Cart
VN 97 JG 95

2006 Bollinger Rosé Champagne
Review Date: 08-14-2017
It was such a treat to try the '06 rose from Bollinger. Aged on cork, not crown cap, the aromatics fill the nose with gentle spice and saltine cracker. Tart raspberry and that nice toasted spice dance on the palate. And while the wine was barrel fermented for elegance, a soft note of sweet lemon keeps palate elongated and making you go back for more!
Price: $119.00 Add To Cart
DC 94

2004 Laurent-Perrier Brut Champagne
Review Date: 08-14-2017
A high yield and high quality vintage with crisp and focused characteristics. The 2004 champagnes are just starting to find their stride and the '04 LP has found its. Filled with blossoming aromatics of lemon, lime and white floral notes, it is vintage like the old days- long, cool and wet. The acidity is leaner and longer on the palate while the mix of mature and fresh orchard fruit interact with a subtle toasted almond note keeping the wine polished and textured.
Price: $54.99 Add To Cart
VN 92 WS 91

2006 Laurent-Perrier Brut Champagne
Review Date: 08-14-2017
While the 2007 growing season brought some stress, the 2006 season allowed the winemakers to put their feet up. An almost effortless growing season with plenty of sunshine and minimum rain. This vintage is more ripe and fruit forward than some of the other LP's in our line up. Filled with notes of yellow pears the wine relaxes on your palate before a slight lift of citrus pops open on the finish.
Price: $54.99 Add To Cart
WS 92

2007 Laurent-Perrier Brut Champagne
Review Date: 08-14-2017
All of LP's vintage champagnes are 50% Chardonnay. 50% Pinot Noir and always all Grand Cru fruit. 2007 had a lot of champagne houses pacing with an extremely warm spring and early bud break, but luckily enough, the season was frost free! Early harvest kept the grapes nice and acidic while having a creamy suppleness on the nose. A chalky base to the wine adds contrast to the softness on palate and touch of savory earth for dynamics brings this wine up another notch.
Price: $54.99 Add To Cart
JS 92

Trudon "Emblematis" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 08-13-2017
Emblematis, which can translate as "symbolic", to Trudon expresses the house's "historical style" while featuring 70% Meunier that thrives from the Festigny soils. 60% of the wine is from the difficult yet concentrated vintage of 2012 while the rest of the wine is a reserve blend. The wine is driven with mouthwatering acidity mixed with a finesse of floral undertones and is held on the back palate with chalky minerality. The wine surprisingly went through 90% malolactic fermentation, which adds to the elegance of the wine but doesn't distract from it's longevity. An award winning champagne at an award winning price!
Price: $29.99 Add To Cart

2008 Le Brun de Neuville "Grand Vintage" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 08-12-2017
The 2008 champagnes have been killing it with their pop, pizzazz and ageability. This Grand Vintage from Brun de Neuville, the first vintage we have carried from them here at k&l, encompasses the same clean, fresh acidity we love from the vintage with a pure salinity and touch of candied citrus peel. The wine is mostly Chardonnay and spent 8 years on its lees which added some nice texture and width to the focused vintage. A pinch of Pinot Noir seconds the character of lees aging and adds just a bit of fineness on the nose. This is a wine for the ages!
Price: $39.99 Add To Cart

2013 Felsina "Rancia" Chianti Classico Riserva
Review Date: 08-08-2017
A step up the their Chianti Classico Riserva is the Rancia Riserva. Name after a convent on the property, it seems as the winery and parcels grow, the quality of this wine also increases. The 2013 vintage is known for laser focused Chiantis that are lean and bright. I think this pairs well with the Rancia as it i often broad with pure fruit and savory flavors. It keeps the palate long and accentuated as you enjoy the balance and structure.
Price: $39.99 Add To Cart
VN 96 RP 95

Le Brun de Neuville "Authentique" Brut Rosé Champagne
Review Date: 08-08-2017
To be under the "Authentique" label from the Le Brun de Neuville, the wine needs to be aged on the cork (instead of bottle cap) for at least 3 years (the rose is 3.5), and to be a majority of Chardonnay. This rose is about 2/3 Chard and 1/3 Pinot Noir. A portion of that Pinot Noir brings us the beautiful pink color and fresh raspberry flavors. The Chardonnay keeps is lifted with notes of citrus zest while a small barrel fermented portion adds a touch of spice and nuttiness. Layered with complexity, the rose screams quality and elegance.
Price: $39.99 Add To Cart

Jean Josselin "Cuvée des Jean" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 08-08-2017
Jean Josselin describe their champange as "A champange you can shake by the hand." Which, to them, means it is friendly and approachable. I think it is that and more. The Cuvee de Jean is made from 100% Pinot Noir grown on the same soil as in Chabis, the Kimmeridgian clay. The pinot fruit brings finness and floral character to a lifted nose and streamlined acidity. A slight hint of tart blackberries intertwine harmoniously with the elegant minerality from the soil. So, while the wine balanced and comfortable, it is also unique and complex- a good friend to have indeed.
Price: Hidden View Price

2015 Cantina Valle Isarco "Aristos" Kerner
Review Date: 08-06-2017
The Kerner grape is a love child between Riesling and the Italian-German grape Sciava Rosso. Kerner is a late-ripening grape whose genetic traits include gorgeous floral notes as well as width and weight on palate. This hails from the cool region of Isarco, giving the wine a zippy acidity and clean minerality. The Aristos is the reserve level white and sees no time in barrel, but spends some times on the lees to heighten that wonderful palate texture. A great white wine to pair in the summer with seafood, cheese and charcuterie!
Price: $26.99 Add To Cart

Laurent-Perrier "La Cuvée" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 08-06-2017
Sometimes change it difficult, sometimes it is good, very good. The change we see from Laurent Perrier as their Brut label moves into their La Cuvee comes from the addition of Cote de Blanc vineyard sites to their already impressive holdings. The Cote de Blanc, located in the Marne, is known for growing almost exclusively Chardonnay and doing it well (as seen by the 6 Grand Cru villages!) With many options at their fingertips, LP decided to create the La Cuvee as their new entry level label with more, higher quality Chardonnay than the Brut and an extra six months on the lees to keep the texture we know and love. Elegant aromas of yellow apple and baking spice mirror that of the Brut while notes of sweet meyer lemon and hints of anise show this new label's complex nature. The grace and softness of palate from both the lees aging and blend of Pinot Noir and Muenier is not lost from the additional Chardonnay but a soft acidity lifts it slightly while carrying the wine to a long, delicate finish. And as always, Laurent Perrier is bringing all this at an incredible price!
Price: $39.99 Add To Cart

2012 Fattoria dei Barbi Brunello di Montalcino
Review Date: 08-06-2017
The hot, dry 2012 vintage has been bringing us more full bodied, riper Brunellos that are very unique to the vintage. With the use of irrigation, Barbi was able to combat the dry heat and keep the great structure we love from Brunello- making this wine still quite ageable. If enjoying now, I would decant the wine for at least an hour. Right after opening the wine is reserved and retrained but it opens into gorgeous fresh fruit and spicy aromatics.

2012 Talenti Brunello di Montalcino
Review Date: 08-06-2017
My Brunello education started off with a bang when I first started at K&L with the acclaimed 2010 vintage, then rolled into the fresh and fruit forward 2011, and now we have the fuller bodied, approachable vintage of 2012. While vintage variation is natural and common, I am amazed at how different these three are. The Talenti shows the 2012 vintage character with deep marasca cherry and plum aromas and a broadness of fruit and balance of structure on the palate. The classic Sangiovese savory earth and mushroom adds depth to the nose with the distinctive steamline of acidity keeps the palate longer and learner than expected from the warm vintage making this wine as age worthy as ever.

2015 Porta del Vento Catarratto Sicilia
Review Date: 08-06-2017
Adding a new grape to my repertoire, Catarratto is a white grape planted mostly in Sicily. It is often used as a blending grape in Etna Biancos, but here we see it in full force. While it has the snap, structure and salinity we all know and love from Sicilian whites, the grape brings in a broad texture of yellow pears and ripe peaches. A little scent of clove on the nose is a delightful mystery as the wine was aged in cement tanks.
Price: $21.99 Add To Cart

2015 Argiano Rosso di Montalcino
Review Date: 06-18-2017
2015 Rosso di Montalcinos are not a vintage to miss, many even say it is the "next 2010." So while waiting for the 2015 Brunellos to come in, the Rossos are excellent to enjoy. The dry wood, spice and crushed cherry aromas of the Argiano jump out of the glass right after pouring. The palate is flavorful and structured with powerful dense fruit flavors. While you can enjoy this wine tonight, it can also spend some quality time in your cellar as you drink them over the next few years until the Brunellos are released!
Price: $19.99 Add To Cart
WS 90

2007 Bollinger "Grande Année" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 06-18-2017
Bollinger sources all their fruit from their 165 acres of Premier or Grand Cru vineyards that are Pinot Noir dominant to create the texture and finesse we have all grown to love from the producer. While 2007 was a more challenging vintage due to early bud bread and cool wet summer conditions, Bollinger's quality standard and impressive, yet time consuming, wine making techniques have created nothing less than an exceptional wine. I find the Pinot Noir fruit character is just starting to cross over to those more developed, earthy tones of reserved champagne. It is bold but bright with lemon zest and baking spice that stay on the palate during the long finish.
Price: $99.99 Add To Cart
WS 94 JG 93

Bollinger "Special Cuvée" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 06-17-2017
One of the best priced Grand Marque Champagnes we have on the shelf, especially when taking account the quality of the wine. More than one third of the wine is barrel fermented and more than one third is reserve wine aged for a minimum of 10 years in magnums before blending creating possibly one of the most complex champagnes I have tasted yet. Some cracker or fresh brioche aromas mixed with fresh yellow apples draw you into a textured yet lively palate that doesn't stand still!

2008 Baron-Fuenté "Grand Millesime" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 06-17-2017
I have been lucky enough to try the few 2008 vintage Champagnes we have in the store, and all have impressed me with their exceptional quality and their ability to cellar. The 40% of Pinot Meunier also makes me love this bottle! I always find PM adds elegant aromatics and suppleness to champagnes which molds well into the high acid of the 2008 vintage. A small bit of Pinot Noir adds extra body and texture while the majority of Chardonnay brings those fresh green apple and citrus notes. The mid palate is long and lean while the black fruit adds weight and texture to the side palate. Elegant and impressive.
Price: $29.99 Add To Cart

Charles Ellner "Grande Reserve" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 06-17-2017
One of my favorite things about Charles Ellner is his use of all estate fruit in his Grand Reserve. A chardonnay heavy sparkling, about 60%, bringing notes of fresh green apple, and dry white stone to the table. The blend of pinot noir keeps it level and rounder on a palate that is carried along by an acidity that won't quit!
Price: $34.99 Add To Cart
WS 91

Laurent-Perrier "Grand Siècle" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 06-17-2017
The top of the top, the cream of the crop. The Grand Siecle is the "tete de cuvee" which means that it is produced from the very first pressing of the grapes. It is a blend of the very best juice from the very best vintages. The older vintages create the aromas of fresh brioche and a soft weight on the palate. Younger vintages keep the wine fresher with notes of bright lemon and white stone. The two characterics brought together to create a balanced and complex champagne.

Fallet-Dart "Clos du Mont" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 06-17-2017
This wine was emailed out and a customer came in to ask questions before I was able to try it. As we were deciding between two bottles of wine, I read the description Gary had given us of the Clos Du Mont and started to fall in love then and there! (The customer ended up purchasing this wine) When I was finally able to taste it a few weeks later, my love was confirmed! The high amount of chardonnay has kept this aged vintage blend younger & more vibrant than expected. The barrel fermentation gives the wine it's spice, texture and complexity. Almond paste, fresh apples and apple skins and meyer lemon are a few characters that just scratch the surface of this unique and long coveted wine!
Price: $79.99 Add To Cart

1999 Fallet-Dart Vintage Brut Champagne
Review Date: 06-16-2017
While I tend to be very impatient with my champagnes, the 1999 is a perfect example of good things coming to those who wait. The '99 vintage is more similar to the more recent 2006 vintage- a little more ripeness and softness in the bottle- but the wine has not lost a sense of young acidity from start to finish. It is accompanied by developed fruit and a sense of apple skin on the palate. Complex spice and earth characters peak through creating more intrigue as the weight and texture of the wine brings a sense of elegance on the palate. Absolutely perfect!
Price: $64.99 Add To Cart

Fallet-Dart "Grande Sélection" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 06-13-2017
As my colleagues have said- this wine is all about the lees. 7 years give this wine an elegance of weight down the mid palate while the Pinot Noir dominance gives a tart fruit character. That small addition of high quality chardonnay brings bright meyer lemon flavor and enough acidity to keep the wine long lived on the palate. I can see this wine being extremely food friendly- a grilled swordfish or a baked chicken would be perfect pairings!
Price: $34.99 Add To Cart

2015 Zorzal Eggo "Tinto de Tiza" Mendoza
Review Date: 06-10-2017
Maybe those more worldly than I already knew that "Tinto de Tiza" means "red chalk," naming the wine after the influential soil type of the region. Nestled at the foot of the Tupungato Volcano in one of the highest elevation vineyard sites in Mendoza, this Argentinian Blend is solely influenced by it's terroir. While the vines are young, the high elevation, strong sun and cool temperatures creates a balanced wine with both striking acidity and structure. It is fermented and aged in a concrete egg (hence the Eggo), to more easily control temperature and keep the wine in constant movement to allow more complex character to form. That control allows the wine makers to skip the more artful wine making techniques that are usually used to add character to young grapes. The wine goes through a bit of malolactic fermentation for texture while the bold spice, deep black berry and fresh acidity really give you the true colors of the Uco Valley.
Price: $24.99 Add To Cart
RP 94

Fallet-Dart "Cuvée de Réserve" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 06-10-2017
Most often Pinot Meunier is the backup dancer to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in Champagne, but Fallet-Dart has taken the chance to bring it center stage in their Grand Reserve! I fell for PM-heavy Champagnes last year when I had one from Michel Loriot, and they continue to stun me with their suppleness, bold aromatics and concentration while still being fresh, long lived, and elegant. The Grand Reserve checks off all those desired characters and is extremely food-friendly. My fiance and I enjoyed this with a rotisserie chicken, fresh bread and cheese—absolutely delicious! It is weighted enough to stand up to the rich meal while the unanticipated acidity refreshes the palate. With that said, I think the wine is extremely versatile and could be paired with lighter dishes such as sautéed white fish with a white bean and tomato salad or even a grilled chicken salad. Either way, I will be drinking it again soon!
Price: $29.99 Add To Cart

2016 Tatomer Edna Valley Pinot Noir Rosé
Review Date: 06-09-2017
The Tatomer Edna Valley PN rose is gunning for my favorite domestic rose of the season. The bright, aromatic nose is filled with ripe strawberries and a hint of green fruit. It is light bodied with crunchy acidity, dry minerality and that delicious berry flavor. It is fresh, elongated and mouthwatering. Perfectly refreshing for a summer day!
Price: $23.99 Add To Cart

2014 Remo Farina Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso
Review Date: 06-09-2017
While some may have valid concerns of the 2014 vintage in Valpolicella due to heavy rain and hail, the Remo Farina can put those concerns to rest. In addition to the Farina family's vineyards being at a higher elevation, which kept them open to the gentle summer winds keeping the vines dryer than some, meticulous grape selection kept any botrytis affected grapes out of the pack. Their great positioning and hard effort paid off and created an excellent 2014 Ripasso with an expressive cherry cola and mocha nose and elegant richness on the palate. The time in European oak adds structure and spice to the already intriguing wine.
Price: Hidden View Price

2014 Antica Masseria di Sigillo Primitivo di Manduria
Review Date: 06-09-2017
The region of Manduria is known for it's hot and dry weather which creates juicy and opulent primitivos. The regional influence mixed with the slightly cooler growing season in 2014 gives this juicy wine more balance and subtlety than expected. The Antica Masseria vineyards are planted on limestone and clay, unusual for the area, which adds complexity and minerality to the softly structured wine. Full of bold purple fruit flavors with the decadence we come love in primitivos and the more balanced acidity mixes together for an integrated and approachable glass of wine.
Price: $13.99 Add To Cart
WS 90

2011 Proprietà Sperino Lessona
Review Date: 06-09-2017
Hailing from upper Piemonte near the Swiss border, the Sperino Lessona is filled with dense crushed cherry, bold baking spice and savory tobacco on the nose. The small addition of Vespolina helps build those bold aromatics. The wine is fermented with natural yeast and is kept on it's skins for just under three weeks giving it structure and depth. Some lees aging before bottling adds to the full-bodied texture of the wine. It is held to age in bottle for a few years before release to allow the structure of the wine to integrate. When I first opened the bottle the tannins were filled with baking spice and had almost a granulated texture, but when I tasted it a few hours later, the structure was focused and elongated. It is a beautiful wine filled with complex fruit and spice character that is completely delicious now, but could continue to age for the next 5+ years.
Price: Hidden View Price
WE 96

2012 Felsina "Rancia" Chianti Classico Riserva
Review Date: 05-12-2017
While the hot and dry 2012 vintage kept some Chianti winemakers on the edge of their seat, a bit of rain at the end of August brought relief and extended the growing season for the thick-skinned grape. That extra ripening is apparent as the aromatics of the wine jump out of the glass, The wine is structured yet pure with deep and inviting classic Sangiovese plum notes and fresh baking spice. Enjoyably paired with food now and filled with aging potential.

2008 Fallet-Dart Vintage Brut Champagne
Review Date: 05-08-2017
Fresh, zippy, bright--these are some of the terms you will hear us use to describe this enchanting vintage champagne from Fallet Dart, but we wouldn't be doing it justice if we didn't also describe it as complex, with spice and earth, while having depth of fruit from the 30% of Pinot Noir, and its amazing ability age. While this would be a fantastic, refreshing champagne to enjoy during these next few warm summer months, it also is filled to the brim with potential aging characteristics. The acidity will mellow, the spice and fruit will be brought forward and it will continue to be lush and complex. I say get two bottles--one to enjoy soon and one reward yourself with later! At under $40 you won't regret it!
Price: $39.99 Add To Cart

2012 Agostino Bosco "La Serra" Barolo
Review Date: 04-29-2017
While the 2012 vintage kept winemakers on their toes, a few months of high heat brought intensity and boldness to the La Serra Barolo. The nose is layered with leather and dark ripe fruit with just tiny hints of the classic floral as the wine opens up. The strong tannic structure is matched with a higher alcohol than some previous vintages and some gentle acidity to lift the palate. While the wine is currently full of complexity, I think that some of it's potential is masked behind its adolescence. Definitely a wine to be patient with.
Price: Hidden View Price
JS 94 VN 91

2013 Le Filigare "Lorenzo" Chianti Classico
Review Date: 04-19-2017
If you are newer to Tuscan wines, this Chianti Classico is a great place to start. The riper, fuller vintage of 2013 shows beautifully in the fleshy, juicy fruit of this balanced wine. The dusty tannins and active acidity gracefully lead into a beautiful deep plum finish. A perfect pairing for grilled summer meats!
Price: $19.99 Add To Cart
JS 93

2015 D'Amico NOE Orvieto
Review Date: 04-10-2017
A beautiful, aromatic Orvieto with engaging complexity. It has the fresh acidity and minerality often found from the region with wonderful texture and balance from the warm 2015 vintage. All is tied together with layers of spice and savory elements to create a long, enjoyable finish.
Price: $16.99 Add To Cart

Wine Club

JS 91

2015 Boekenhoutskloof "The Wolftrap" Red Blend Western Cape
Review Date: 04-04-2017
Wow! I never expected the complexity, character and depth I find in the Wolftrap to come from a $9 bottle of wine! It blends all the wonderful earthy and spicy character of a Rhone wine with the fresh, bright fruit you expect from South Africa. A perfect bottle to enjoy mid week or weekend!
Price: $8.99 Add To Cart

2014 Cantina Terlan "Vorberg" Pinot Bianco Alto Adige Riserva
Review Date: 03-29-2017
I love a good age-worthy white wine and this Terlan Pinot Bianco is just that. The depth and texture of the wine reminds me of a premier cru Bourgogne blanc, making it a wonderful wine to enjoy now, the high elevation of the vineyard site adds acidity making it cellar-friendly. If enjoying now you will find a light aromatics that lead into a beautiful floral and full bodied wine. It is elegant and not overreaching. Stunning from start to finish.
Price: $35.99 Add To Cart
VN 94 WE 92

2015 La Monacesca Verdicchio di Matelica
Review Date: 03-26-2017
The color of this wine always stops me in my tracks. The concentrated gold color comes from the extra time on the vines, not oak. It starts with rich aromatics of fresh citrus and spice that leads into a full bodied, elongated and balanced wine. It has the elegance of an oaked wine with fresh, mineral driven fineness.
Price: $14.99 Add To Cart

Le Brun de Neuville "Authentique Assemblage" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 03-14-2017
The Chardonnay dominant champagne has the perfect amount of Pinot Noir to give weight, texture and depth of fruit to the zesty acidity. It is aged on the cork for five years which adds a creamy complexity and a long, spiced filled finish.
Price: $34.99 Add To Cart
WE 90 WS 90

2013 La Monacesca "Mirum" Verdicchio di Matelica Riserva
Review Date: 03-13-2017
With a higher and older vineyard site and a longer growing season (on the vine until late October) than other wines in the region, the Mirum is deeper, broader and has more complex aromatics. The full weight of the wine is paired with fresh tropical and orchard fruit as well citrus peel and baking spice. It is complemented by a lifting acidity and fresh minerality. Balance and complexity will have you returning to your glass.
Price: $22.99 Add To Cart
W&S 92 WE 91

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