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Staff Favorites - Kirk Walker

Kirk Walker


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2017 Montesco "Agua de Roca" Sauvignon Blanc Uco Valley
Review Date: 06-13-2019
One of the best things about wine is the diversity. All the different varietals and all the different regions, it is so much fun to explore the world through a glass of wine. While I love finding new varietals and new regions, the most exciting diversity can be found with the same varietal grown in different places, that is what makes Burgundy Burgundy. While the same varietals are grown all over the world and in many varied regions most of the time unsurprisingly the wines taste very similar, which can be a good/bad/neutral thing. That is why this Sauvignon Blanc is so exciting, I have never have a Sauvignon Blanc quite like this. Biodynamically grown at high elevation in calcareous soils. The wine was fermented in Stainless and Concrete then aged for a year in concrete eggs. There is pronounced minerality and very high acidity. The fruit is ripe and clean with just a whisper of grassiness. There is just enough texture and body to keep the wine taut but not sharp. I cannot do justice to the intoxicating nature of the aromatics and flavors of this wine. This is a dynamic expression of this classic varietal.
Price: $23.99 Add To Cart
RP 93 VN 91

2014 Orben Rioja
Review Date: 06-13-2019
Old vine (60-70 years old) head pruned Tempranillo with a little dash of Graciano all from small, organic vineyard plots that are owned by some of the most famous restaurateurs in Spain, who wanted to create a modern expression of Rioja Alavesa. It had me at old vine, Tempranillo and Alavesa. That is a magical combination in my book. From early on in my career there has always been something magical/romantic to me about the wines from the Basque subzone of Rioja. It could be the limestone, it is the limestone. When done right the precision, the lift, the extract from wines grown in soils with limestone just resonate with me. This wine delivers on that limestone promise. The fruit pops and has focus, there is beautiful core to it that runs straight thru to that fine mineral dustiness on the finish. Now is time to pay quick attention to the label, there is no age designation, there is only the vintage. This is modern Rioja there is enough oak to contributed to the texture, enhance the fruit and also add an exotic balsam aromatic but not too dominate. This wine is an expression of fruit and terroir not of oak and wine-making.
Price: $29.99 Add To Cart
JS 94 WS 93

2017 Bodegas y Viñedos Ponce "La Estrecha" Manchuela
Review Date: 06-12-2019
It just happens that it is about 90 degrees in San Francisco today, and shockingly I do not deal with the heat well. Who cares? Right? But it worked out perfectly that we tasted this wine today. Bobal, and specifically Bobal made by Juan Antonio Ponce, could be the perfect summer red wine. Bobal, the thick-skinned, obscure varietal from Manchuela, is best known for its intensity: color, tannin and acid. My earliest introduction to the variety were wines that were ready to go toe-to-toe with any New World Syrah. And while those styles of wines are great for summer, too, my over-heating preference is for a lighter-bodied, higher-acid wine that could handle a slight chill, like Cru Beaujolais. This wine has a texture to it can I can only describe as silkiness. It has a cool silkiness that effortlessly, seamlessly gets drawn across your palate by its freshness. There are literally no edges, the tannin and acidity are there. This wine has substance and body but there are no edges. This wine does what you want Grand Cru wines do. All from a place that most people probably have not heard of. There is more to this than just texture, there are nice layers of bright and dark berries and fruits with a fine herbal dusting that comes out on the finish. This with a slight chill n a day like today would be amazing, it would be amazing with a chill in the dead of winter in the Arctic circle too--that's me wishing for the weather to change but I'm not wrong about that. This is an extraordinary wine. It is made from Biodynamically grown fruit and made with minimal intervention. We sell wines for twice this price from Beaujolais that can boast that and offer a similar, almost, experience as this.
Price: $26.99 Add To Cart
RP 96

2017 Torbreck "Woodcutter's" Shiraz Barossa Valley South Australia
Review Date: 06-11-2019
This wine delivers. It delivers delicious Barossa Shiraz without any baggage. Is big? Yes. Is there a lot of fruit? Yes. Is there spice? Yes. Is it over the top?...... No. It is medium full bodied with lots of dark fruit, spice, enough tannin to square up against the fruit but not enough to dominate a burger. What time of year is it? Summer. What are you doing for a dinner? Grilling. What are you drinking? This.
Price: $19.99 Add To Cart
WS 93

2016 Liparita Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon
Review Date: 06-11-2019
Sometimes I find it best not to ask questions, this is one of those occasions, but the question that I am not looking for an answer for is “Why are these wines priced this way?” First the Yountville now this Oakville. This is an Oakville wine, I have no personal experience with Liparita, but one sniff and you know that the fruit that this wine was made from came from Oakville. This is a big, dark fruited (for me that classic cassis), mouth-filling, rich Cabernet. Who cares why it’s priced this way, I am still curious, but this is a wine for everyone who loves big Napa wines to take advantage of.
Price: $19.99 Add To Cart

2017 Domaine Lafage "Cuvée Centenaire" Côtes du Roussillon Blanc
Review Date: 06-07-2019
This is a great alternative to the ABC crowd when you don't want a Sauvignon Blanc, or really anyone who wants an interesting easy to drink white. It is medium-bodied, round but not heavy, crisp but not tart, floral but not perfumed. This wine lives in that delicious middle ground where it goes with just about everything.

2017 Escarlata Colchagua Valley
Review Date: 06-04-2019
This is a Chilean twist on an everyday Bordeaux. While not a classic blend, there is a little Syrah in the mix, this wine over-delivers on the promise of almost all the under $20 Bordeaux in the store. It is structured, complex, with layers of fruit, a touch of earth and tobacco. Where it over-delivers is the clarity and intensity of the fruit. Like any Bordeaux, this wine needs a little time to open up, decant for 30 minutes and watch this wine blossom.
Price: $11.99 Add To Cart

2017 Raul Perez "Ultreia St-Jacques" Mencía Bierzo
Review Date: 06-03-2019
Wow! There is a whole lot of wine here. Raul Perez is one of the most esteemed winemakers in the region. His knowledge of the vineyards in the region gives him access to lots of old vine fruit and his minimal intervention winemaking still lets all that fruit shine thru. This is not the flashiest introduction to Bierzos wines but it could be the deepest and the purest. Lots of dark fruit tones underpinned with subtle herbal and spice notes. You can say it is built either like Loire Valley Cabernet Franc or Pinot, whichever you like best. But it does have softer tannins fresh acid bright savory fruit and intrigue. This is a ridiculously good bottle of wine for less than $20.
Price: $17.99 Add To Cart
DC 93 RP 93

2015 Tapiz "Alta Collection" Cabernet Sauvignon Mendoza
Review Date: 05-31-2019
This is good honest Cabernet. It is medium-full bodied with classic dark berry Cassis fruit with just a hint of spice and herbal tones. There are enough tannins to give it heft and size and enough acid to bring everything into focus. It drinks as easily as it flashier NorCal cousins but at a fraction of the price.
Price: $14.99 Add To Cart
JS 93 RP 90

2017 Ferrero Rosso di Montalcino
Review Date: 05-31-2019
This is an ideal Rosso di Montalcino. It is medium bodied, with high toned red Sangiovese fruit, a floral hint that is offset with sotto bosco, and a soft minerality. It is delicious. It is a wine that works for all occasions. Most importantly, for me, it scratches enough of a Brunello itch that I keep my hands off the Brunello so they can really develop in bottle, an ideal Rosso.
Price: $16.99 Add To Cart

2016 Ferrero "Pepita" Rosso di Toscana
Review Date: 05-31-2019
This easily is the best vintage of this wine that I have tried. It is a "super" delicious everyday Tuscan red. The aromas and flavors are dark without being heavy. It is fresh without being tart. There are a fine spice element and moderate tannins. It is a really fun blend where you can sense all of the components but none of them stand out. I have a feeling that this will sell out fast.
Price: $15.99 Add To Cart

2016 Broadley "Shea Vineyard" Willamette Valley Pinot Noir
Review Date: 05-31-2019
This is beautiful Pinot Noir, something that Broadley excels at. The nose has layers of delicate mix berries and fruit, spice, and a touch of earthiness. The palate is medium-light bodied, elegant and long. It gives all of those aromas a canvas to play out over and over. This wine delivers everything that I want from a Pinot.

2014 Zenato Alanera
Review Date: 05-28-2019
A super Valpolicalla Ripasso deal. That makes this wine way more complicated than it truly is. This rich Valpolicella Ripasso with the intrigue of Bordeaux. The fruit is all Italian, dark and rich and the secondary elements of savory olive, chocolate and spice are from Bordeaux. This is an effortless wine that is very drinkable.
Price: $13.99 Add To Cart
JS 93

2011 Agostino Bosco "Neirane" Barolo
Review Date: 05-28-2019
This wine over delivers Barolo for its price. The first sniff is all Nebbiolo, aromatic high toned drying red fruits, floral tones, leather, spice, and savory elements; that's Barolo. That is I needed with this variety everything else afterwards is gravy for me. The palate it med bodied it has all the tannin and acid that you would expect from a wine from the appellation and all of those great aromatics are echoed here. This is a great deal for complex accessible Barolo.

2018 Bodegas Parra Jimenez "Friend & Farmer" White Spain
Review Date: 05-25-2019
Bright, fresh, light and easy but exceptionally well made from very clean grapes. This is a serious cheap and cheerful white. Think Sauvignon Blanc but less pungent. There are lots of subtle tropical notes and a real fun background nopales? tone. Lots of fun and party priced.
Price: $9.99 Add To Cart

2017 Bodegas Parra Jimenez "Gulp/Hablo" Red Blend Spain (1L)
Review Date: 05-25-2019
A perfect summertime/anytime red. This light bodied with charming fruitr, spice, a hint of something savory, and easy tannins. When you want a red but a rose or white are called for in a pairing this will be perfect This kitchen sink blend that is meant to be drunk, crack the top and be thankful that it comes in a liter bottle.
Price: $10.99 Add To Cart

2018 Edetaria "Via Terra" Garnacha Blanca Terra Alta
Review Date: 05-21-2019
This is a very exciting Garnacha Blanca value. This hints at the depths that the grape can take you, especially in this corner of Spain! It starts off a little shy, but Garnatxa Blanca is like that sometimes, with a chance to open up the wine blossoms. Honey Crisp apples, sultanas, a little pear skin spice, a savoriness that keeps the fruit in check as well as a pulverized mineral dustiness over everything. It is medium light bodied with a round mid-palate and a crisp but not tart finish. The flavors are an intriguing blend dried apple, and sultana with a slight nutty element, yet vibrant and fresh. It has nice length where the fruit freshens and brighten along with a pleasant almost salty minerality. It is a wine that you can’t quite put your finger on it, which makes, at least me, going back for more and more. This is a house white that will not overstay its welcome.
Price: $13.99 Add To Cart

2015 Casa Castillo "Las Gravas" Jumilla
Review Date: 05-21-2019
Decadent is the first adjective that comes to mind when I smell this wine. It is the spice, there are layers and layers of very fine sweet and savory spices. The spice is present but not domineering, it gives great depth and brings intrigue to a region and varietal that do not necessarily have a reputation for those things. There is a lot of that classic dark rich Monastrell fruit for all of that spice to play off of, but oh that spice! It is just a decadent on the palate as the nose. This is full and round with lots of plush polished tannins. There is an inverse to the aromas to the flavors on the palate; there are less spices and more fruit and also savory earthy tone that builds on the finish. The fruit reminds me of mixed dark berries and pomegranates. This is a little indulgent, but we deserve that sometimes, and definitely at this price.
Price: $24.99 Add To Cart
RP 94 VN 93

2016 Joan d'Anguera "Finca L'Argata" Montsant
Review Date: 05-11-2019
This is a world class wine at a ridiculous price. It easily tastes like a wine that retails for twice what we are asking for. Made from biodynamically grown old vine garnatxa from limestone-rich soils that is then vinified in the same way as some of Burgundy's greats. This is not the deeply colored extracted wine that you would expect to find in Montsant's neighbor Priorat. This is a lightly colored, beautifully high toned red wine it looks more like a Burgundy than Chateauneuf. But once you smell it, it is all Grenache(Garnacha). Dark cherry, Kirsch, Sauvage herbal undertones, there is also a slight hint of cured meat. The palate is Rhone, it is rich and structured, really structured. The savory dark cherry fruit pops over limestone minerality but it is framed by fine but substantial tannins and vibrant acidity. The wine has tremendous length where the fruit and a minty limestone minerality lingers and lingers. Note: This is a young wine of surprising structure this is definitely a food wine. It is reductive at the moment, this wine needs decanting and a lot of air right now. Forethought and patience will be rewarded. It is a wine that with a few years in the cellar will be the most ridiculously good bottle of $20 wine that you have.
Price: $21.99 Add To Cart
RP 94

2017 TED by Mount Edward Central Otago Pinot Noir
Review Date: 05-08-2019
Everyday Mount Edward, what more could you ask for? This is a $20 bottle of Pinot that puts almost every other Pinot in the store at that price point on notice. Dark cherry fruit, subtle spice, and a whiff of that Central Otago thyme. Supple and fresh with its generous fruit balanced by good acid and just enough tannin.
Price: $19.99 Add To Cart
JS 93

2015 Tenuta Roveglia "Vigne di Catullo" Lugana Riserva
Review Date: 05-08-2019
Wow! This is a wine that will make you pay attention to Lugana. It has great aromatics, heirloom apples, citrus and a fine mineral component. This wine is sleek and powerful on the palate. The concentrated fruit bounces off of the lively acidity. For some reason it makes me think of a jaguar, this wine will sneak up and catch you off guard.
Price: $17.99 Add To Cart
WE 92

2017 Terra Santa Ile de Beauté Blanc Corsica
Review Date: 05-08-2019
Corsica is the perfect bridge between France and Italy. This is a wine to prove that point. It is half Macon and half Southern Italian. On the lighter side of medium bodied, this wine has the mid-palate of a Macon with the expressiveness of a Campanian white. Crisp with cool fruit tones and a subtle mineral element, this is a summer sipper for sure.
Price: $9.99 Add To Cart
WS 90

2018 Arca Nova Rosé Vinho Verde
Review Date: 04-27-2019
This is Spring-Time in a bottle. Light, fresh and zippy with freshly crushed strawberries, raspberries, currents with a hint of lime zest on top! A mix of Espadeiro and Touriga Nacional, this wine should be in the fridge next to your milk. It goes with everything but right now think about anything off the grill. No frills and party priced, it is lip-smacking good.
Price: $10.99 Add To Cart

2016 Farnetella Chianti Colli Senesi
Review Date: 04-25-2019
This is a charming expression of Tuscany; ripe cherry, a touch of floral lift, earth, and leather. It is medium bodied with generous fruit up front, that classic Sangiovese acid but it is not tart nor tannic. This is a house Red if there ever was one. What's for dinner?
Price: $11.99 Add To Cart
JS 91

2015 Giuseppe Cortese "Rabaja" Barbaresco
Review Date: 04-17-2019
You can get lost in the nose of this wine. It is not effusive but it is seductive Nebbiolo at its best. As you try to wrap your mind around the fruit, there are layers and layers of superfine spices, the word foliated comes to mind. I knew I was going to like because I spent so much time with the aromatics; the palate is fruit and spice and floral notes over and over. This is Rabaja, it is structured and very long. If you drink it in the near term think rich food if not please wait. This is a wine that will repay your patience.

2017 La Posta del Viñatero "Pizzella Vineyard" Malbec Mendoza
Review Date: 04-16-2019
This wine is a charmer. Within a few minutes of the bottle being opened the wine blossoms; plum, dark cherry, dark berries, subtle floral notes, subtle spice and a whiff of mocha. The palate is round and rich with more of that generous dark berry fruit, just enough tannin to let you know that it is there and enough spice to accent the fruit. This is a wine of immediate gratification, it smells good, it taste good it pair perfectly with grilled meat but requires nothing more than a glass and a corkscrew. An ideal weekday/party red.

2017 Laventura Garnacha Rioja
Review Date: 04-14-2019
Their most recent vintage of this stunning Grenache comes from parcels 600 meters above sea level made up of rocky sandstone soils in Rioja Baja. After spending one year in 600-liter oak barrels, this lighter-bodied red features exotic floral aromas and bright red berry flavors. Cranberry, raspberry, strawberry, and cherry paint a vivid picture, with fine details of toasted brioche, vanilla, and cinnamon around the edges. The texture is at once lush and finely pointed. This is truly a delight to all of the senses.
Price: $24.99 Add To Cart

2015 Laventura "Barranco de San Ginés" Rioja
Review Date: 04-14-2019
This exquisite wine is made from a single vineyard 600 meters high that was planted in 1935. The white limestone soils of Laguardia in Rioja Alavesa grow some of the finest grapes in Laventura’s portfolio. Aged for two years in wood, this wine develops magnificent depth and tannic structure that makes it ideal for aging. Dark dense berries, bramble, and black currant form a decadent base upon which layers of toasted oak and rich figs build. Undercurrents of forest floor and savory earth form an elegant counterpoint with a mouthwatering finish. With sufficient time in a decanter, this is a treat now, but bottle age will only improve on its already remarkable complexity.
Price: $59.99 Add To Cart

2014 Bodegas Muga "Selección Especial" Reserva Rioja
Review Date: 04-14-2019
This is a modern re-interpretation of a classic Reserva. There is a restrained opulence to this wine. The fruit is ripe, dark and lush… it basically jumps out of the glass. The new oak enhances the full-bodied yet very accessible palate. Underneath are layers of oak spice, subtle coffee, fine leather, and iron-rich mineral tones. This wine does everything you expect a Rioja to do but with more volume and more generosity. This is a wine for now or much later.

2005 Bodegas Puelles Gran Reserva Rioja
Review Date: 04-14-2019
This wine represents one of the most unique and fascinating things about this region: aged wines at a reasonable price, that are direct from the winery. Grown in great terroir in the La Rioja Alta region, this is mostly Tempranillo, with a little Garnacha, Mazuelo, and Graciano, and is aged in mostly older barrels (French and American oak). Maturing, but still youthful, this wine delivers classic Rioja character: savory, dark fruits infused with spice, leather, and earth.
Price: $19.99 Add To Cart
RP 90

2012 Glenelly 'Estate Reserve' Bordeaux Blend Stellenbosch
Review Date: 03-09-2019
The secret to this South African Cabernet blend is the Shiraz, and other Southern Hemisphere producers know this, too! Those two varietals work magic together. This has the structure and savory aromatics that I love from SA Cabs, but with more texture and depth of fruit. This is a delicious red that offers complexity, texture at a reasonable price. The extra bottle age doesn't hurt as well.
Price: Hidden View Price
JS 91 WS 90

2015 Tormaresca "Neprica" Super Puglia
Review Date: 12-29-2018
This wine is just delicious. Dark red fruits, Italian dusty earthy notes and enough tannin to let you know that they are there but will not intrude. This is a perfect weeknight red.
Price: $9.99 Add To Cart

2015 Bodegas Casa Juan Señor de Lesmos Crianza Rioja
Review Date: 12-29-2018
This could be one of the best deals for red wine in the store. Bright and dark fruits backed with spice and earth. Medium bodied with enough structure to stand up to the richest food but not so much that it cannot be enjoyed by itself.
Price: $12.99 Add To Cart

2016 Foxglove Central Coast Chardonnay
Review Date: 12-29-2018
Best Chard in the store for the money, and has been so for almost a decade. Bright ripe fruit with subtle leesy richness.

2017 Aurore Dezat Sancerre
Review Date: 12-29-2018
Focused, pure and minerally Sauvignon Blanc. This is the most exciting $20 Sancerre that I have tried in quite some time.
Price: $19.99 Add To Cart

Launois "Quartz" Blanc de Blancs Brut Champagne
Review Date: 08-23-2018
It is hard to choose a favorite Launois wine. All of them are so good. What makes the Quartz stand out, other than it being unique in that it has few ATM's of pressure in the bottle, is the brightness of the fruit. There is a dazzling purity that make you want more and more! The mousse is soft and you couldn't guess that there is less pressure, and the finish is terrific. Grab some while we still have it.
Price: $39.99 Add To Cart

San Venanzio Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore Brut
Review Date: 08-08-2018
Clean pear fruit backed with a hint of minerality. There is way more wine in this bottle of bubbles than you would expect from a Prosecco at this price point.
Price: $13.99 Add To Cart
DC 91

2017 Bodega Chacra "Sin Azufre" Pinot Noir Rio Negro
Review Date: 05-29-2018
This has been one of my favorite bottlings of Pinot in the store for the last several years. There is always something very captivating about this wine. The wine tickles my palate, the method of production a vineyard work tickle my brain. Let's get to the later first. It is old vine Pinot, from the same vineyard as the Cincuenta y Cinco bottling from the producer. It is harvested a few days earlier than the traditional bottling and makes it without sulfur "sin azufre". Piero Incisa della Rocchetta meticulous winemaking crafts a "natural" wine that is clean and precise while simultaneously being earthy and savory. For me it is like drinking an untranslated version of Patagonian Pinot. You didn't know you wanted one until you try this. The nose is broad, with equal parts fruit and savory notes. Mixed fruit and berries with an earthy/mineral thing that is equal parts Sancerre blanc and Graves rouge that has been sitting in the sun all afternoon. I know, run with it, there is a little magical realism with this one. On the palate it is that same mix of fruits and berries with a dash fruit skin bite and more of that earthy savoriness. The wine glides across the palate then start to take on more weight, the tannins that you thought that were not there, slowly reveal themselves and the best part is the finish. It goes and goes but it starts and stays on the tip of your tongue. That sun-soaked earthy, mineral, Patagonian stoniness does something that I have never experienced from any Burgundy. Even more fun is to have this wine with the Cincuenta y Cinco, what a difference and few days and sulfur makes. It is beautiful but totally different. That is the kind of experience that will reinvigorate your love for the mysteries of wine, or at least it does for me.
Price: $34.99 Add To Cart
JS 97 RP 93

2016 Hugel "Gentil" Alsace
Review Date: 05-18-2018
Spring in a glass. This is a cool and refreshing white with soft floral, cool tropical, lychee and stone fruit on the nose. Medium light on the palate, it is crisp but not lean there is surprising texture to this wine. This is a wine that will brighten any occasion.
Price: $11.99 Add To Cart
VN 90

2014 D'Arce, Côtes de Castillon
Review Date: 04-29-2018
Soft and approachable with lots of bright fruit backed with tobacco and earth. Medium-full with just enough tannic grip. This wine will charm you with its lifted aromatics and its surprising complexity.
Price: $17.99 Add To Cart
JS 91 RP 90

2014 Amici Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Review Date: 04-28-2018
Classic Napa cab with the wonderful openness of the '14 vintage. Rich berry fruit backed with restrained use of oak and polished tannins. Drink or hold, but it will be hard to do the later.
Price: $44.99 Add To Cart
JS 92 WE 91

2015 Catena DV "Tinto Histórico" Mendoza
Review Date: 03-29-2018
I am really enjoying what Catena is doing right now. I am totally fired up with the appellation releases that they have done. I think that the time is right for us in the US, and elsewhere, to really dig into the dirt of Mendoza, and Catena is giving us a master class at a really affordable price. While this wine is not digging into the soils of Mendoza it is looking at the roots of the industry. Bonarda and Malbec were and are the pillars that Argentine wines stand on. It is delightful to see them blended together like they used to be. There is a real synergy here. The aromas are heavy but lifted with dark fruits, a floral note, and a savory almost grilled meat tone. The palate is rich but not heavy build around pleasantly aggressive tannins and more of that dark, pretty fruit. A hearty yet friendly wine that is easily enjoyed by itself but it really wants you to have something rich and meaty so it can help you wash it down.
Price: $14.99 Add To Cart
JS 93 DC 91

2015 Jax "Y3 Taureau" Napa Valley Red Blend
Review Date: 02-28-2018
A full bodied, but mellow tannined red from Napa. Ripe and rich fruit with intrigue and a nice touch of spice. A red you can reach for for almost any occaision.
Price: $19.99 Add To Cart
RP 90

2016 Roberto Henriquez "Pipeño" Pais Bio Bio
Review Date: 01-31-2018
Pipeño is a traditional style of wine, winemaking and wine drinking from Chile, especially from Southern Chile. Just to look at the raw material before digging into anything else about this wine should pique most people’s curiosity; 200+ year old Pias vines! Most commercial vineyards are old at 20 years! Most wines made from 100 year old vines are 4 times the price of this wine. For those whom this is important to, the vineyards are more than organically farmed. Additionally the wine is made with minimal intervention. Fermentation is partial carbonic, done in traditional Rauli barrels with native yeasts. This qualifies it for most “natural wine” consumers. Meaning this wine has a little of that funk, but in the best way, I’ll get back to that later. As mentioned, Pipeño also refers to a style of drinking. Taking young fresh wines, and mixing them with non alcoholic beverages, just to be enjoyed with food and good company. While this is not something to be mixed, it is light and refreshing and can go down as quickly and as enjoyably as any “spritzer”. Here is where I want to talk about that funk, it presents itself like a hint of vinegar, think like a shrub, a strawberry rosemary shrub! This wine has soft dusty fruits, with slightly tangy acid, and just enough framing tannins. It is fresh and savory and mouth watering, you cannot help yourself from going back and taking another sip. Being less than 12% alcohol abv, you will not feel bad about how fast the wine disappears. While this may not be for everyone, this is not only a cork dork wine. Simply, this is an unusual wine that begs to be shared with good friends and good food.
Price: $24.99 Add To Cart

2013 Leeuwin "Art Series" Cabernet Sauvignon Margaret River Western Australia
Review Date: 01-11-2018
This wine is consistently great, there is a reason Leeuwin has the reputation that they do. This is the boldest, richest wine that I have had from them. It still has that classic red fruit but it is heavier and darker, it is almost dank, in the best possible way. The fruit is accentuated with a savory earthy, spice notes, you cannot keep yourself from going back to nose it again and again. The heaviness of the nose is not echoed on the palate. It is full and intense but structured and delineated. Rich, complex, great fruit foiled by savory complexity, bold but not heavy. This is great Cab from a Great producer and the best thing about it is drinking great now. That was a lot of greats, and it deserves every one of them.

2012 Simi Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Review Date: 04-01-2016
Classic Alexander Valley Cabernet and a great price. Dark fruit, a little bittersweet chocolate, and spice notes.
Price: $19.99 Add To Cart

2012 Robert Craig "Affinity" Napa Valley Bordeaux Blend
Review Date: 12-29-2015
Dark, bold and rich. This delivers just about everything you can ask for from a Napa Valley Cabernet blend. Dark-berried fruit, spicy oak, plush texture, and a lingering finish. The only thing missing is the steak to eat while drinking it.
Price: $59.99 Add To Cart
RP 92 VN 91

Mas Codina Cava Brut Reserva Penedès
Review Date: 05-30-2015
This is no ordinary Cava. There is a good percentage of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are used in the blend. What that means is that there is breadth and depth to this sparkler that you do not find in similarly priced Cavas. Mix that with clean fruit tones, a moderate amount of yeastiness and a classic Brut finish and you get one of K&L's best sparkling values.
Price: $12.99 Add To Cart

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Ariston Aspasie "Carte Blanche" Brut Champagne
Review Date: 07-29-2011
This is the go to value Champagne here at K&L. Dry, toasty with subtle fruit notes. Everything you want from Champagne except for the price tag!
Price: $29.99 Add To Cart

Arran 10 Year Old Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml)
Review Date: 03-29-2011
I often overlook this Single malt; it is easy to do when looking at our shelves, but after trying this recently, no more. This small independently owned distillery is new, just about 15 years old. Their entry level whisky should be in everyone’s liquor cabinet. Medium rich with a great blend of both Bourbon and Sherry barrels; this is a whisky with no edges. It as easygoing and comfortable as a broken-in lay-z-boy. Perfect for kicking back and forgetting about your day, it will not challenge you with its complexity but indulge you with caramel, crème Brule, heather and a touch of apple.
Price: $49.99 Add To Cart

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