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E.Z. Orchards " Hawk Haus" Cidre, Oregon 500ml

From the cidery: "Hawk Haus is named after the kestrel nests found on the property and is a blend of Jonathan and Yarlington Mill apples. Pale, yellow-golden in color and lightly hazed with modest, tiny carbonation bubbles like the finest sparkling wines. The aroma is fresh cut apples and an earthy farmyard character. Very pleasant and grounded. Hawk Haus is big, soft and round on the palate with gentle acidity. Notes of cinnamon and brown sugar are reminiscent of apple turnover. The finish is just short of total dryness, with appealing fresh apple flavo ... 

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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Deschutes Brewery "Only Slightly Exaggerated" IPA, Oregon (12oz)

A collaboration with Travel Oregon that captures the magic of Oregon like a whimsical fairy tale in a bottle. Explore a realm of unreal splendor, where tropical hops bloom amidst evergreen rainforests and light flavors of coconut come tumbling down clear alpine streams, descending into the dreamy depths of citrus zest.

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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Deschutes Brewery "Pacific Wonderland" Lager, Oregon (12oz)

From the brewery: "We’ve always believed the best way to respect tradition is to brew the unexpected. So when we set out to create a sessionable lager befitting of the Pacific Northwest, our sense of exploration led us to this dry-hopped wonder befitting of everyday adventure. Citrusy Tettnang Mandarina hops combine with the crisp, bright character of a traditional lager to deliver a beer that is truly refreshing, and undoubtedly worth sharing."

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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Reverend Nat's Hard Cider "Sacrilege" Sour Cherry Cider, Oregon (12oz cans)

Others profess to produce a cherry cider, but none begin with 100% sour Granny Smith apples (eschewing all other apple varieties for their lack of sourness) unified with the superior Montmorency sour cherry (aka Prunus cerasus, a superior and vastly dissimilar cherry to Prunus avid, the bird cherry, the mere mazzard, so commonly used in cough syrup and children’s sweet-snacks) and the exotic Morello sour cherry (hailing from my native country of Hungary), fermented with an English Ale yeast (procured from a fine brewery in Chiswick, London), rounded out ... 

Inventory: Hollywood

Price: $2.49 Add To Cart

Underwood by Union Wine Co. Oregon Rosé (375ml can)

With a goal of affordability and accessibility for everyone, Union Wine Company delivers its Rosé in a can that is "approachable and ready to travel."

Inventory: Hollywood

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Hair of the Dog "Blue Dot" DIPA, Oregon (16oz cans)

From BeerAdvocate: "Blue Dot Double India Pale Ale is named after planet Earth, the only blue planet in this universe, and brewed in honor of Earth Day, with organic Pilsner malt, rye malt and a combo of intense hops. Pours a cloudy (unfiltered) golden, orangey, straw color, topped with a thin creamy white lace with minimal stick. Somewhat pungent in the nose with tons of herbal, floral, citrus grapefruit, raw honey and fresh mint. Fairly full-bodied, thick-ish, smooth, even and creamy. Then the hops come to play with a raw leafy coarseness and big smack ... 

Inventory: San Francisco

Price: $4.69 Add To Cart

Little Beast Brewing "Hot Break" Dry-Hopped Sour Ale, Oregon (16oz can)

Take a break from the heat, you deserve it. This easy drinking tart ale is just what you need! It's naturally soured, unfiltered, and unpasteurized. The result is a thirst-quenching, clean, and crushable tart ale with a bright, lemony and passionfruit character, with distinct notes of mandarin zest and lime from dry hopping with Mandarina Bavaria hops. An easy drinking ale for sour beer lovers!

Inventory: Hollywood Redwood City

Price: $4.29 Add To Cart

Little Beast Brewing "Wolf Camp" Hoppy Saison, Oregon (16oz can)

A new take on a classic style! A bold, dry and crisp malt profile from the use of Pilsner malt with a unique hop character side by side with the dry Saison yeast. Traditional hop flavors from Fuggle coalesce with modern hybrid's Simcoe & Hallertau Blanc to produce a new-meets-old portrait of a classic. Dry hopped with Simcoe Hops, this beer exhibits a tropical and stone fruit aroma and flavor.

Inventory: Hollywood Redwood City San Francisco

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Crux Fermentation Project "Half Hitch" Double IPA, Oregon (500ml)

From the brewery: "Hops climb up twine that’s just loosely tied to the trellis with a half hitch knot— and this Imperial IPA is just loosely tied to tradition. The Mosaic hop imparts surprisingly floral aromas instead of the more expected grapefruit-y notes. On the palate, complex layers of flavors might remind you of guava, mango, stone fruit and lemon, unraveling your idea of what an Imperial IPA should be."

Inventory: Redwood City

Price: $6.99 Add To Cart

E.Z. Orchards " Roman Beauty" Cidre, Oregon (500ml)

North American style cider made with Roman Beauty, Yarlington Mill & Granny Smith apples

Inventory: Redwood City

Price: $8.99 Add To Cart

Underwood by Union Wine Co. Oregon Pinot Noir (375ml can)

This is the same delicious Underwood Pinot Noir as the bottle, but in an easy-to-transport pop top can! No, it doesn't affect the taste--it's still packed with strawberry and pomegranate fruit, with the same supple texture, acidity and peppery spice and minerally finish. Perfect for summer sipping, for camping, boating, picnicking, beaching or rocking out at the Hollywood Bowl! From the winery's tasting notes: Cherries, raspberries, and chocolate."

Inventory: Hollywood

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Crux Fermentation Project "PCT" Porter, Oregon (12oz cans)

Named for the Pacific Crest Trail that runs just outside of Bend, Oregon, this porter is an homage for those who take that adventure. Robust, yet still refreshing, this roasty porter will fortify everyone from the hard-core hiker to the weekend warrior.

Inventory: Redwood City

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Reverend Nat's Hard Cider "Saint Citron" Hard Cider, Oregon (12oz cans)

Cider with lemon, lime, Meyer lemon, Persian black lime, kumquat and grapefruit. Cascade hops, ginger, sea salt

Inventory: Hollywood

Price: $2.49 Add To Cart

South City Ciderworks "Yerba Buena" Cider, California (16oz cans)

From the producer: "Great for those sometimes hot days of summer by the Bay. This cider is our homage to the former name of San Francisco. It is our "mojito" of ciders, blending in muddled mint with fresh-pressed lime and apple juice to pack a nice citrus punch with that minty herb finish. This seasonal can still be considered a dry cider as we leave out the simple syrup component for its cocktail relative."

Inventory: Redwood City

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Quady North Rhône Blend Rogue Valley Rosé (250ml Cans)

92 points Wine Enthusiast: "Herb Quady's deft touch with rosé is exquisitely expressed among his three distinct 2018s. This bottling blends 56% Grenache, 39% Syrah and 5% Mourvèdre, all specifically planted and picked to be made as rosé. Juicy, crisp and complex, this is a sappy mix of apple, peach and apricot, dusted with cinnamon."

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

Price: $5.95 Add To Cart
WE 92

Crux Fermentation Project "Gimme Mo" IPA, Oregon (12oz cans)

From the brewery: "Geez—not another IPA! That’s right, this is not just another IPA. Consider it a next generation IPA. A slightly sweet, lower ABV, IPA providing welcome relief from the onslaught of bitter hop bombs out there. Its complex aromatic layers, suggest mango, melon, pine and berries, are driven by whole-leaf Mosaic and Citra hops which are then balanced by an acidulated and pilsner malt bill. Finally, its silky smooth mouthfeel will leave you asking for “mo!”"

Inventory: San Francisco

Price: $2.79 Add To Cart

Crux Fermentation Project "Farmhouse" Saison Ale, Oregon (500ml)

From the brewery: "Farmhouse ales originated in the French region of Belgium and offered refreshing relief to seasonal farm workers ("saisonniers") from the summer heat. When we set out to brew our saison, we were intent on paying homage to its heritage while also giving it our own unique twist. Fermentation coaxes out peppery, herbal and slightly tart attributes, and releases slightly smokey, earthy esters, while a touch of acidulated malt and wheat lends the perfect complement. Resulting in a refreshing palate pleaser regardless of the season."

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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Heater Allen "Helles" Lager, Oregon (500ml)

Brewer's notes: "Helles (or Hell) means 'pale' or 'light' in German and this beer is just that, a simple pale lager that is not as hoppy as its brother, Pilsner. Ours is a touch hoppier than what you would find in Germany, but still light and refreshing. Available at the end of February/early March."

Inventory: San Francisco

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Gigantic Brewing Co. IPA, Oregon (500ml)

Gigantic IPA is a Pacific Northwest classic featuring the punchy, citrusy, and bright aromatics of Cascade, Centennial, Crystal and Simcoe hops. Lush, delicious stuff with a satisfyingly snappy finish. In the words of the folks behind Gigantic one of their goals is "to make the best damn IPA in Portland, OR." We can't debate it

Inventory: Redwood City

Price: $4.99 Add To Cart

Upright Brewing Company "Saison Vert" Saison w/ Black Limes, Oregon (375ml) (Previously $10.49)

From the brewery: "Saison Vert is a wheat based brew using sun dried black limes that contribute not only an attractive flavor of citrus but also a depth that when combined with our open fermentation method and saison strains, results in a complex profile. The Vert rides the fine line of being easy and enjoyable but full of nuance."

Inventory: Redwood City

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