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2015 Cold Hand Winery "Rheum" Sparkling Rhubarb Wine, Denmark (750ml)

This dry sparkling rhubarb wine from Denmark is made in the traditional method of Champagne! Who knew? Now that you do, try a little something different this spring. The producer's note: "A wine produced from organic "Svendborg Winerhubarb". The stalks are crushed and mass-fermented with organic cane sugar. The wine is then bottled in Champagne bottles and fermented for another approx. 6 months. We then hand-turn each bottle in champagne racks and degorge it. A fresh, acidic and very dry wine."

Inventory: San Francisco

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2015 Cold Hand Winery "Ribes Nigrum" Blackcurrant Wine w/ Honey, Denmark (750ml)

No Cabernet, no problem--this Danish winery, specializing in fruit wines, has come up with a wine that's redolent of blackcurrants because it's made from high-acidity Danish blackcurrants, fermented and then aged in used red wine barrel for two years, and sweetened with a touch of honey. Ideal for pairing with a dessert or cheese course; try cheesecake.

Inventory: San Francisco

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2013 Cold Hand Winery "Pommus" Sparkling Apple Wine, Denmark (750ml)

This dry sparkling apple wine from Denmark is made in the traditional method of Champagne! From the producer: "Based on tree varieties of apple: Elstar, Ingrid Marie and Jonagold. The juice is frozen directly after being pressed. When thawed, the juice is highly concentrated, with increased levels of acidity, sweetness and not least aroma. After the first fermentation, it is fermented again in Champagne bottles, riddled in Champagne racks and disgorged. The final product is dry and acidic, with strong tones of apple and a pleasant bitter aftertaste." Pai ... 

Inventory: San Francisco

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2016 Cold Hand Winery "Prunus Nigra" Stevnsbær Cherry / Eau de Vie Aged in Wine Casks, Denmark (500ml)

The black Danish Stevnsbær cherry is sadly in decline. The cherries contain twice as much sugar as sweet cherries, tons of deep cherry aroma, are incredibly acidic and have lots of tannins. This is a fortified wine, inspired by port. Lots of cherries – 3 kg. per litre of wine – are fermented. After 5 days, fermentation is stopped by adding Eau de Vie. The wine is sweetened to 100 g. per litre to counter the acidity. It is then left to mature in used red wine barrels for one year. Prunus Nigra is a powerful cherry explosion with lots of tannins. (Producer ... 

Inventory: San Francisco

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Empirical "Charlene McGee" Smoked Juniper Koji Malt Spirits (750ml)

Charlene McGee is inspired by the Scandinavian culinary tradition. Juniper berries are smoked over their own wood, crushed, macerated in Koji fermented barley spirit with Belgian Saison yeast as is typical with Empirical. The macerated spirits is slow distilled at low temperatures on a vacuum still to preserve the fruity, vibrant integrity of the botanical and the smoky flavor profile. Finally it's matured in Oloroso casks imparting a faintly sweet hint of nutty wood. Expect fresh juniper, fruity blackberries, and resinous, fragrant sap and a soft, smok ... 

Inventory: Hollywood

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Empirical "Fallen Pony" Smoked Juniper Koji Malt Spirits (750ml)

This unusual concoction might be the most unique offering stateside from the enigmatic Empirical Spirits. Fallen Pony brings together a quince tea spirit of double fermented barley koji, pilsner wash, quince, and Belgian Saison yeast. The fruit material is fermented into a quince tea kombucha, vacuum distilled and then used to rectify the final product to preserve it's aromatic purity. The final product is filled with fresh fruit aromatics, sweet marzipan flavors and vibrant acidity. Extremely easy to drink and love at 70 proof.

Inventory: Hollywood

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2014 Cold Hand Winery "Malus Danica" Apple Wine Aged in Oak, Denmark (375ml) (Previously $37)

Producer's notes: “Malus Danica 2014 is a cryoconcentrated apple wine made from Ingrid Marie Elstar and Jonagold apples – picked when perfectly ripe and pressed immediately. The juice was then frozen in a freezer room. Freezing the juice and then thawing it gradually outdoors at around freezing point concentrates it into a thick, viscous apple syrup, which was then slowly cold-fermented at the winery for 12 months. After fermentation the wine was aged in used oak barrels for 4 months. The result is an intense apple taste with high acidity and syrupy swee ... 

Inventory: San Francisco

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Aalborg Taffel Akvavit (750ml)

Now produced in Norway, Aalborg Taffel is among the offerings from this distillery which was founded in Aalborg, "the city of schnapps," in 1931. Taffel is ideal for a toast--or, skål!

Inventory: Hollywood

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Evil Twin Brewing "Cranberry Saus Baus" IPA, Denmark (16oz Cans) (Previously $5.49)

IPA brewed with oat and lactose with vanilla and cranberry puree added.

Inventory: Redwood City

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