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Very Olde St. Nick "Summer Rye" Ancient Barrel Reserve Cask Strength Rye Whiskey (750ml)
The Very Olde St Nick brand has long been a cult favorite. Initially bottled by Julian Van Winkle and subsequently by the Willett Family, VOSN now has its very own home in Bardstown - The Preservation Distillery. Of course, this old rye whiskey wasn't distilled there, but drawn from the brands oldest stocks. The distillery is committed to producing whiskey the old way and sources it's grains from local farms, mills on-site and always sour mashes. There's no way of knowing just where this special old rye came from, but it's widely considered one of the be...
Price: $199.99

New Riff Bottled-In-Bond Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey (750ml)
Top Pick!
Jacob Grier from The Distiller writes: "There's a lot to like about this New Riff: It's a bottled-in-bond rye with an invitingly fruity nose that leads into flavors of chestnut, vanilla, and a touch of salted caramel, all backed by plentiful rye spice. It's an impressive debut rye for the distillery and a welcome addition to the category."
Price: $44.99

Pikesville Straight Kentucky Rye (750ml) (Previously $50) (Previously $50)
Top Pick!
92 points Wine Enthusiast: "Look for a rich caramel-maple aroma and spice-forward flavor profile, showing allspice and clove, with a layer of vanilla underneath. Dilution tames this rye to show more vanilla, accented with dry touches of oak, leather and cocoa. Aged at least six years. Sip or mix. (KN)" (07/2016) Whisky Advocate: "Heaven Hill’s 80-proof standard Pikesville is a summer favorite, so I was eager to try this. A woody depth to it at 6 years old: 110 proof-hot, stewed plum and horehound candy, and sizzling rye spice behind it. It's a jawbreak...

95 points Wine Enthusiast: "A versatile must-have for mixing cocktails, look for pleasing vanilla, maple and a hint of dried cherry. The finish is long and drying, with plenty of baking spice notes. (KN)" (07/2016) Whisky Advocate: "Rittenhouse packs lots of corn, offering a different profile than those higher-rye whiskeys from Indiana. Straight from the glass burst caramel, campfire smoke, and vanilla, with hints of dill weed and Herbs de Provence. Ripe in flavor, it shows slight mint from the rye and a complex voyage of herbs with a touch of chocolat...

97 points Wine Enthusiast: "This full-bodied blended whisky hits all the right notes, starting with plenty of rich caramel and oak tones on the nose and palate, plus touches of butterscotch, spicy cinnamon and clove. It finishes long, slightly oily and mouthfilling. Sip it straight or add a splash of sweet vermouth. (KN)" (11/2015) 94 points Whisky Advocate: " Corby’s latest Lot 40, this one undated, comes from the same distillation batch as the 2012 release, but with a couple of extra years in wood. The familiar flavors are all there: dustiness, sour...

93 points Wine Enthusiast: "The aroma entices with bold caramel and vanilla. The palate is brisk and relatively dry, despite the succulent aroma, showing vanilla and oak up front, and rounding into nutmeg, almond, vanilla and bitter orange on the finish. Versatile for cocktails, including its namesake Sazerac. *Best Buy* (KN)" (07/2016) K&L Notes: The Sazerac cocktail: 1/2 oz absinthe, 2 oz Sazerac Straight Rye, 1/2 oz simple syrup, 2 dashes of Peychaud bitters. Fill an old fashioned glass with ice. Add the absinthe to the glass. Combine all other in a...

91 points Wine Enthusiast: "This is a 100% rye whiskey made with Washington state grain. Look for a tawny hue and distinctly fruity scent layered with a wash of vanilla. The bracing, lean palate shows plenty of vanilla and caramel up front plus a hint of espresso, sparked with fiery cayenne and hot cinnamon on the drying fade. A splash of water coaxes out a pleasing nuttiness and tones down the spicy heat. (KN)" (11/2018) K&L Notes: Woodinville is a Washington state whiskey company established in 2010. They heard the message loud and clear about what p...

Old Potrero "K&L Exclusive Barrel #12" 63.33% Single Malt Straight Rye Whiskey (750ml)
Top Pick!
Our first barrels under the new Hotaling brand instead of the old Anchor brand! Again, we've selected a pair of casks that showcase two different sides of Hotaling's flavor spectrum. Cask #12 is enormous. It's loaded with chocolate, cinnamon, coffee, and tobacco. It's decidedly on the dark and rich side of the Old Potrero rye spectrum. Casked in 2013, this comes in right around 6 years old.
Price: $99.99

Whistle Pig "The Boss Hog 6th Edition - Samurai Scientist" Straight Rye Whiskey (750ml) (1 bottle limit, ships as 1.5L)
From the distiller: " Single Barrel, Bottled at Proof, Powerfully Complex, Distinctly Unique From Anything We’ve Done Before. Stupendous. On the rare occasion that Dave Pickerell’s five promises are realized, we release a whiskey that epitomizes WhistlePig’s odyssey to unlock the potential of Rye Whiskey. The Boss Hog 6th Edition is the first American Whiskey finished using Japanese Umeshu, the result of a true collaboration between WhistlePig and Kitaya brewery on Japan’s Kyushu island. This well-aged Straight Rye Whiskey was created using koji fermen...
Price: $499.99

From the producer: "WhistlePig began when we purchased our farm in 2007. After a few years of deep consideration and personal reflection we committed ourselves to crafting the world’s finest and most interesting Rye Whiskeys. With help from Master Distiller Dave Pickerell, we discovered and purchased an incredible stock of 10 year old blending Whiskey in Canada that was being profoundly misused. That initial stock, for which we are forever grateful, is what kicked off our grand adventure."
Price: $89.99

Old Potrero "K&L Exclusive Barrel #13" 63.21% Single Malt Straight Rye Whiskey (750ml)
Top Pick!
Check out our first barrels under the new Hotaling brand instead of the old Anchor brand! Again, we've selected a pair of casks that showcase two different sides of Hotaling's flavor spectrum. Cask #13, while still big in proof and robustly flavorful takes a much more delicate approach than #12. It's beautiful and spicy, sweet and soft, and drinks like it's much lower in alcohol than it really is. Visit the elegant side of Hotaling. Casked in 2012, this barrel comes in right around 7 years old.
Price: $99.99

Wild Turkey "Master's Keep - Cornerstone" Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey (750ml)
Back In Stock!
93 points Whisky Advocate: " A delightfully complex nose of vanilla, hot cross buns and bakery shop, cherries, coconut, raisins, figs, licorice, old leather, and hay barn. A smooth, viscous palate offers lemon honey, fragrant oak, cigar ash, dark berries, and more coconut. Spicier notes emerge with water, while the finish offers rich smoothness, with spiciness, chocolate-covered coconut, tobacco, and bitter herbs. Lots of depth and complexity. A great whiskey to enjoy with a cigar. (DF, Fall 2019)" K&L Notes: Cornerstone is the oldest rye ever released...
Price: $169.99
Limit of 1 per customer

93 points Wine Enthusiast: "A honey hue and rich vanilla aroma mark this six-year-old rye whiskey. The palate nods to its 100% rye grain mash bill, opening with brisk cinnamon and allspice sparks that round into mellower vanilla and caramel midpalate, finishing long and spiced. Adding water brings more vanilla to the fore and adds a toasted grain note to the finish. (KN)" (09/2019)

When you think about Utah you probably think about great skiing, stunning National Parks, maybe great mountain biking. But did you know that Utah also cast the deciding vote that ended Prohibition? This barrel aged Manhattan, made from two parts High West Double Rye whiskey, one part sweet red vermouth and two dashes of Angostura bitters (per every 2.5 ounce serving), was all left to rest for 120 days in a two-year-old rye whiskey barrel. The results are stunning, harmonious and a great homage to that key vote, the 36th Vote, that allows us to freely enj...
Price: $44.99

95 points Wine Enthusiast: "On the smoother, sweeter side of the rye spectrum, this whiskey offers a restrained aroma that mixes vanilla and oak and luxe, bold flavors that resound with -cigar wrapper, leather, toffee and cocoa. The long finish is perked up by a fleeting cut-apple freshness, marked by allspice and clove. Cocktail friendly. Made in Indiana, bottled in Connecticut. *Top 25 Spirits of 2016 & Best Buy* (KN)" (12/2016) K&L Notes: Here we have the venerated Tennessee distillery, dipping its toes into the hot-as-coal rye whiskey market. Grant...

This delicious pre-made cocktail uses high quality aged rye mixed with raw honey, navel orange peel, rock candy and bitters. High proof and not overly sugary, this is the perfect choice for cocktails on the fly. You can store them cold, but we love these on the rocks. A staff favorite.
Price: $4.99

Wine Enthusiast: "Made with 100% Merced rye, a varietal that grows well in cool climates, and aged about three years, look for mild vanilla and orange peel aromas. The drying palate leads with oak, spice and vanilla and finishing with fiery clove, a tease of nutmeg and a whiff of campfire smoke. (KN)" (07/2016) K&L Notes: Corbin is a farm located in Atwater, California (just south of Modesto) that grows sweet potatoes. A few years back, David Souza, whose family has farmed in the region for a hundred years, decided to add a still to preserve the unused...
Price: $46.99

Whistle Pig's experimental project is one of the most exciting barrel-finished American whiskeys on the market. This is a blend of cask-finished rye at 12 years. It contains 63% Madeira cask, 30% Sauternes cask and 7% port pipe.
Price: $119.99

Buy a bottle - Redwood Empire plants a tree. Crafted in Sonoma, Redwood Empire is deeply tied to the forest. The Lost Monach is a blend of rye and bourbon whiskies and is named for the world's largest coast redwood by volume. The Loast Monarch grows in the Grove of Titans in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park and measures 320 feet tall and 26 feet in diameter.The whiskey is one of the best blended American whiskies on the shelf. It is composed of 60% rye and 40% bourbon. The Rye is 3-5 years old and the bourbon is 4-12 years old.
Price: $34.99

Buy a bottle - Redwood Empire plants a tree. Crafted in Sonoma, Redwood Empire is deeply tied to the forest. The Emerald Giant is one of the world's tallest and fastest growing trees. It is 1180 years old and stands 360 feet tall, gaining over 1500lbs of mass each year. The 3-5 year old rye whiskey is equally weighty. A mashbill of 95% rye and 5% malted barley this combines distillate from Indiana and Redwood Empire. It's got a great spicy and sweet aroma and a mellow mouthfeel.
Price: $34.99

The little Oakland, CA based distillery of Wright & Brown is putting out some fantastic juice. Made from malted rye and barley this cask strength version is big and intense. It's hugely spicy, a touch floral, and shockingly approachable for 56.1% ABV. Just over 2 years old, this has won numerous awards for young rye and is not to be missed if you're looking for real craft whiskey.
Price: $89.99

Since Tom and Lianne Herbruck founded Tom's Foolery distillery in northern Ohio in 2008, their products have become benchmarks in the ever expanding world of craft whiskey and brandy. The rye might be their most exciting offering. This single barrel #150 was distilled in February 2013 from 70% winter rye and 30% malted rye. The barrel was bottled in bond in October 2018 at 100 proof. It represents a nearly lost style of rye, more intense than most modern rye, with tons of minty green complexity, grassy dried herbs and spicy black pepper. While the powerf...
Price: Hidden

94 points Wine Enthusiast: "This honey-hued rye has a remarkable aroma, melding cookie dough, hazelnut and marzipan. The same luscious flavors show up on the palate, rich and sweet, leading into a confected finish of Nutella sprinkled with nutmeg and cinnamon. The sugar-and-spice effect is due to 18 months finishing time in casks that first held Cognac, then Caribbean rum. *Top 50 Spirits 2013* (KN)" (07/2013) 90 points Whisky Advocate: "The folks at Angel’s Envy once again push the envelope with this 95% rye whiskey finished in Caribbean rum casks. Vi...

Whistle Pig 10 Year Old "K&L Exclusive" 118 Proof Barrel #2338 Single Barrel Cask Strength Straight Rye Whiskey (750ml)
Top Pick!
From the producer: "WhistlePig began when we purchased our farm in 2007. After a few years of deep consideration and personal reflection we committed ourselves to crafting the world’s finest and most interesting Rye Whiskeys. With help from Master Distiller Dave Pickerell, we discovered and purchased an incredible stock of 10 year old blending Whiskey in Canada that was being profoundly misused. That initial stock, for which we are forever grateful, is what kicked off our grand adventure."
Price: $89.99

93 points Wine Enthusiast: "Ideal for Manhattans and other cocktails, this 95% rye has a malty profile that mixes vanilla, crème brûlée, and a fleeting citrusy zing on the drying, cinnamon-accented finish. *Best Buy* (KN) " (07/2016) Whisky Advocate: "No age statement, but it includes 4 to 7 year old whiskeys. The mashbill is 95% rye - much higher than most standard rye whiskeys out there. It’s brisk, vibrant, and loaded with spice (crisp mint, warming cinnamon, cocoa, hint of anise). Fruit - ripe nectarine, apricot, golden raisin - drizzled with maple...

94 points Wine Enthusiast: "This small-batch whiskey is a treat, butter-soft and loaded with sweet toffee and hazelnut aromas and flavors. The long finish rolls toward dry espresso and mocha flavors, pepped up with clove and cinnamon. (KN)" (07/2012)

The Pepper Barrel proof is one of the best values in rye today. Cask strength LDI for less than $40. Sure it's only 3-4 years old, but several others sell the exact same stuff for twice the price. Isn't that nice.
Price: $36.99

92 points Wine Enthusiast: "Billed as 'the spiciest rye whiskey anywhere,' this is a blend of two rye whiskeys, both a minimum of two years old, sourced from multiple distilleries. The 2018 bottling has a mild, honeyed scent, while the palate surprises with vanilla custard contrasted by traces of smoke, eucalyptus and cigar wrapper. As promised, the long finish explodes with a spicy burst—but don’t worry, it’s not too extreme to sip. (KN)" (11/2018) 90 points Whisky Advocate: "A blend of two straight whiskeys: a very young 2 year old high rye content w...

Whistle Pig 10 Year Old "K&L Exclusive" 113.9 Proof Barrel #2345 Single Barrel Cask Strength Straight Rye Whiskey (750ml)
Top Pick!
While Whistle Pig labels their single-barrel program with the same 10-year rye label they use on their flagship bottling, the fact is these barrels are much, much older. Just shy of 14 years, this cask-strength beauty offers one of the best deals in the Whistle Pig warehouse. Distilled from the same source as their flagship rye (Alberta) this barrel offers tons of sweet spice and tangy rye character.
Price: $89.99

According to the distillery, this 18-year-old whiskey is double distilled from a mash bill of 100% rye grain. "A 'robust cut' is selected by master distillers, then the unfiltered spirit is aged in new charred American Oak barrels in cold weather. Lock Stock & Barrel 18-year is explosively flavorful and intense, yet perfectly balanced with notes that suggest hot, buttered gingerbread, dried peach, toasted pecan, ripe honeydew and tobacco leaf."
Price: $239.99

96 points Wine Enthusiast: "Strong but intriguing. Medium color and body, with rich aromas of burnt orange and caramel. The flavors also reflected burnt orange and caramel, plus a spicy tinge reminiscent of cassia bark or Red-Hot candies. The finish lingers, pleasant, inviting and warm. Might be good for Manhattans--a touch of fruit or sweetness would go well with this rye. Excellent value. (KN)" (11/2010) 95 points Whisky Advocate: "A blend of two whiskeys; a 6 year old made from 95% rye and a 16 year old made from 80% rye. These are very high percen...

One of the more interesting and intriguing independent bottlings of bourbon since Black Maple Hill went out of production, Lost Republic whiskey is made of three different bourbons from three different states: Indiana, Tennessee and California. Matt Weese and his team in Healdsburg are contracting spirits and aging the barrels separately in their Napa warehouse, using them to create a fruity, grainy and gritty style of American whiskey. The fruity, young whiskey aromas are potent on the nose, but the woody, vanilla notes balance out the youth on the pala...
Price: $35.99

High West "Yippee Ki Yay" Rye Whiskey (750ml)
Top Pick!
96 points Wine Enthusiast: "Attention wine lovers: this fab bottling with the cowboy label is made with a blend of straight rye whiskies finished in two wine casks, formerly holding vermouth and Syrah. The result is a deep ruddy amber hue and a strikingly concentrated flavor profile. Look for warming layers of caramel, toffee and espresso, drying to leather, zingy orange peel and spice. Sip or mix into Manhattans or any drink including sweet vermouth. (KN)" (07/2016) Whisky Advocate: "This blend of straight ryes finished in vermouth and syrah barrels n...

90 points Wine Enthusiast: "Aged two and a half years in lightly toasted barrels, this light amber whiskey offers an oaky nose and palate. The oak doesn't overshadow the flavor nuances, which morph from orchard fruit and pineapple to roasted grain, to a finish tinged with coffee and cardamom. (KN)" (01/2017) K&L Notes: The fascinating spirit represents Anchor Brewing Company's attempt to re-create the original whiskey of America. This release was distilled in a small copper pot still at Anchor's distillery on San Francisco's Potrero Hill, from a mash o...

This Baltimore distillery specializes in "Maryland style" rye whiskey. While they age their house-distilled stocks, they've contracted with Indiana distillers to make a house blend, which is then proofed with Maryland's own Sagamore Farm spring water.
Price: $39.99

91 points Wine Enthusiast: "Look for bold vanilla aroma, a drying feel and loads of vanilla, brown sugar and even touches of butterscotch on the exceedingly long finish. It's surprisingly smooth for a 101-proof product, although the alcohol indeed makes its presence known. It stands up well to dilution, which blunts the alcohol edge and coaxes out more vanilla. *Best Buy* (KN)" (07/2015) Whisky Advocate: "Sweet bread pudding and cracked pepper are tinged with wintergreen and earthy oak, the alcohol strikes just a touch sharp. With water, banana, lemon,...

Sagamore is at it again with excellently finished rye whiskey, this time finished in Cognac barrels and bottled at 101 proof.
Price: $69.99

This Baltimore distillery specializes in "Maryland style" rye whiskey. While they age their house-distilled stocks, they've contract with Indiana distillers to make a house blend, which is then proofed with Maryland's own Sagamore Farm spring water.
Price: $69.99

I was stoked after tasting the Old Henry Clay Rye and was blown away by the balance. You could have knocked me over when I learned of the price. A perfect sipper or mixer. 90%+ rye in the mashbill. Distilled and bottled for James E. Pepper, coming from Indiana.
Price: $19.99

Michter's US #1 Single Barrel Straight Rye Whiskey (750ml)
Top Pick!
93 points Wine Enthusiast: "Crazy-sweet aroma, full of caramel, vanilla and a slight floral touch. The bite comes first (and lingers awhile), followed by vanilla, caramel, coconut flavors. It mellows considerably with ice, and becomes quite likeable, drinkable and mild. (KN)" (11/2010) 92 points Whisky Advocate: "Complex and complete, the sweet and chewy aromas of maple syrup and crème de marrons meet milk chocolate and Andes Mints. On the palate, the intense layered sweetness of vanilla, crème brûlée, pecan pie, butterscotch, and honey is tempered by ...

Whisky Advocate: "Big mint/grass nose with sweet grain and a touch of vanilla behind it. Fiery, slippery with rye oiliness, popping with that mint, and rye-bitter on the finish; a bit of a bully. That's not all bad, though; too many ryes strive to be smooth these days, but this lets it rock, and does it well. A chunk of ice doesn't hurt this at all. Potent, bold. Sourced whiskey. (LB, Spring 2015)" K&L Notes: Another independent bottling of LDI rye (a la Bulleit, Templeton, Redemption, etc) except that this one offers an outstanding price. Very much in ...
Price: $24.99

90 points Wine Enthusiast: "This is a limited edition blend of straight ryes, including 32% estate-grown Vermont rye aged two years, 45% Indiana rye aged six years and 23% Canada rye, aged 10 years. The golden whiskey has an oaky, spicy scent, with a hint of peach. The bold palate resounds with spice and concentrated vanilla, finishing long and drying. *Top 100 Spirits of 2018* (KN)" (11/2018) Whisky Advocate: "Whistle Pig raised the share of its own 2 year old rye from 20 percent to 32 percent in this second Farmstock release, balancing it against 6 a...
Price: $69.99

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0-91 points Wine Enthusiast: "Perfect for classic cocktails, this golden-amber rye invites with lots of vanilla on the nose and palate, plus mouthwatering notes of pear, cinnamon and black pepper. (KN)" (07/2013) K&L Notes: The most talked about little rye is finally available to the general public. This is a spice monster! It almost feels like they've steeped it in spices after distillation. Big, rich, clove, cinnamon, very intense, very delicious. Now available online after months of in-store only! Distilled in Indiana.

Whisky Advocate: "Rose petal and grapefruit meet clove-like spice, but it’s the soapy floral sachet and dill notes that distinguish this rye. While it seems somewhat young, the generous cinnamon candies, spiced cherry, and red berry fruit pour lively and vibrant, with drying tannins, peppery spice, and green apple on the finish. (JL, Spring 2019)"
Price: $69.99

96 points Wine Enthusiast: "First, a warning: this is only for those who like their rye big and brawny. It starts off innocuously with a maple-syrup color, and a pretty, complex and subtle scent: honey, vanilla, a slight medicinal tinge and faint clover notes. It feels silky on the tongue and at first, the flavors reflect caramel, burnt orange and a whisper of smoke, but then a mouth-warming wave of tannic bite sweeps over all and lingers for a good long time. Straight up or on the rocks. (KN)" (11/2010) Whisky Advocate: "Imported from Canada (which s...

From the distiller: "This first Cask Strength Pinhook release was bottle at 115.3 proof and has a deep and bright nose of Creme Brûlée, orange zest, and toasted coconut, which sets the stage for a rich and harmonious palate of pralines, brioche, cocoa, and candied cinnamon. This release recently won Gold at the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition."
Price: $49.99

K&L Alum Mike Barber and his partner Aaron Lee have crafted one of the most exciting small craft distilleries in CA. They are making 100% malted rye in an Old Potrero style. The moonshine shows all of the care and careful selection of grain put into the distillate. It's incredibly floral, fruit, and finished with a beautiful hard lemon candy finish. Great for cocktails or on the rocks.
Price: $29.99

Whisky Advocate: "The old Beam rye never got a lot of respect from aficionados. It’s been pulled, reformulated, and repackaged. Let’s try it. Smell: sweet grass and pepper. Taste: hot, flashy, sweet on top, with rye oiliness underneath, a tickling bitterness that blends well with oak into the finish. The higher proof plays well, giving this a punch of flavor the old yellow label didn’t have, and at a good price. It’s Manhattan time! Value Pick. (Summer 2015) " K&L Notes: The beast is awakening! Finally, Kentucky's largest bourbon distillery is using its...
Price: $18.99

Pinhook is finally in California. This small batch brand of bourbon and rye whiskey has been hot back East for a few years now. They got in pretty early and have some pretty significant stocks of good whiskey. The small batches are all named after horses--one of the owners is in the business, and might have a real chance at winning the Derby. They've built a strong reputation for putting out super solid and reasonably priced whiskies, each batch bottled and blended individually to create a harmonious product that's designed for drinkers, not collectors. ...
Price: $34.99